Employment Web Sites

These days using the internet is more convenient, faster and cheaper than using newspapers to find a job, though nowadays you are able to read most Australian newspapers on-line as well, of course.

A large number of web sites list current vacancies in Australia and they offer a convenient way to search for vacancies. However, you won't find every available job by conducting an internet search and jobs advertised through the internet usually attract many applicants. Some web sites are tailored to specific industries, and some allow you to select an industry for your search or you can select an occupation or a location; often you can also use keywords.

Jobsearch This is the official Australian Government employment service; it provides access to jobs from different industries around Australia.
Seek This is a major Australian employment website which has separate sections for Executive, IT and Graduate positions. It also provides access to other employment resources, such as resumes and cover letters.
Careerone This is the online site for the News Limited newspaper group.
Jobsjobsjobs This is the relatively new online site which is well worth having a look at.
Ambition This provides careers and recruitment information for Accounting/Finance/IT professionals.
ArtsHub This site provides career information for jobs in the Arts.
Australian Workplace This site provides the Federal Government graduate recruitment listings.
Gradlink This is the Graduate Careers Council of Australia's web service, which features Careers, Job Finding Skills and Vacancy Information.
Health Posts This lists HeaMdical job vacancies.
Just Health Jobs This site offers a range of national jobs provided by the Australian Healthcare Association.
IT Skills Hub This is an Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT&T) website, which provides information on career and job opportunities, skills in demand and on IT&T courses.
myFuture This is a joint initiative of the Commonwealth and State governments. It helps with career exploration, decision making, job searching and job preparation.
Nursing Jobs This site is specifically focused to nursing jobs.
Pharmaceutical Professional This site offers listings for Pharmaceutical and associated jobs.
Science People This site offers listings for jobs for Scientists.  
Selector This is a directory of building and architectural products companies.
Sport Employment Australia This site outlines sporting jobs. 
Teachers on Net This site provides assistance with jobs in Education.
Local Government This provides listings of local government jobs in Queensland