I am very pleased to report that the Immigration advice I received at AMES was always top-notch. I found the staff courteous, friendly and professional. If anything, they went beyond the call of duty to help me.

Applying for Permanent Residence involves negotiating a complex series of deadlines for various requirements. The professionals at AMES are well-versed in the exact manner in which these should be met.

As a student who studied at an Australian University and then applied for (and received) Permanent Residence, I know how important it is for a Migration Agent to be conversant with the state of education in Australia and the effect that this has on Immigration Law. An Agent who is truly qualified to give Immigration advice should also be an expert on Education. This is important because many candidates for immigration are overseas students. However, not all educational avenues are suitable for immigration purposes and an agent should be able to advice and applicant as to which course is the best for him or her depending on his or her circumstances.

In my experience, the staff at AMES are very thorough when it comes to both Education and Immigration. In fact I know that they spend considerable time and money on regular Professional Development in order to stay abreast of the latest changes. This ensures that the advice they give candidates is always up-to-date and appropriate

I heartily recommend AMES for those who want to save time, money and bother.
Posted By: Cherian P. Tekkeveettil

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