Dear Juan,

When we decided to get married last year, we also decided to settle in Australia. This does not sound really special by itself, but when the two people involved are a Chinese girl who is studying in Australia and an Italian boy who is living in China, suddenly it seems that climbing Mount Everest could be easier than immigrating to Australia! Without a very special agent that could be impossible.

If now we are here and we have got PR in few months since we lodged the first application for temporary residence (and one week! Only one week after we lodged our application for PR!!!) it is thanks to the friends who suggested us to contact you, and specially thanks to you. Without your suggestions, your patience and your careful work, we would not be living in Australia now.

Maybe we have not been your most complicated case, but when we saw the size of our file (kilos of paperwork) we realized that we have not exactly been easy customers for you. If this was not enough, you have given us also a lot of suggestions and contacts to find a job, and you helped us to make everything look so simple. Now that we have arrived on the top of our "Mount Everest", we are so happy to see the beautiful panorama around us and share this joy with you. Australia, China, Italy and your lovely Spain look so close to each other from here!

Thank you, forever.
Posted By: Stefano Bona and Shilin Zhang
Italy and PR China

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