I met Juan at an educational event in Lima Peru early in 2005. I came the same year to Sydney to do an English course for doctors (I had no idea it existed). This gave me an opportunity to find out more about my career in Australia. Many things happened (.. i mean so many!!!)and finally I took exams and got a job as a General Practitioner. After many months, many exams and paperwork I got the Permanent Residence and I have to say that you, Juan, were the key in that pathway. You helped me totally to sort out all my doubts and be successful through this process.

I have to say that Senor Tobella (as I normally call him), is not only an excellent migration agent but most importantly a good honest man.

I will always be thankful to you: coming to Australia was the best decision you convinced me to take (even though I miss my family very much!).
Posted By: Melissa Delgado

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