Thank you so much for this great information, that the visa is granted!

You can't imagine how happy you have made my family and I - we were waiting so long and now it became true and all our hours of sadness and doubts are over!

I would like to thank you and the team from the bottom of my heart for your long lasting and professional assistance during this long period - I really do not know how I could have overcome it, without having you on my side. I can imagine that I did bother you quite often with my queries, inquiries and problems. Please take my sincere apologies for it and thank you that you have replied to each and every of my emails with patience and authority.

Immigration to Australia is definitely a tough task and I can not imagine how to succeed, without your guidance and support.

You will hear from me again soon, but now I want to bring this good message to Nayana and the kids.
Posted By: Ruwan Lenora
Sri Lanka

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