Dear Juan,

Although I do not struggle with the English language I have a feeling that my knowledge of it is not good enough to describe fully all the things you have done for me and Joanna.

I got the contact to you from an acquaintance. It was one of many options I could choose. The problem was that besides impressive web sites and prices for the service there was nothing else to compare. The breaking point was that different to all other migrating services available (which are basing their offer on current regulations) you were the only one to know what and when is going to change. In my case this was exactly the very thing what I needed. You had the patience to answer dozens of questions, even before I decided to nominate you as my agent. I started to understand this when we first met and you explained me that you see this occupation not only as a job but a mission of helping people being in a situation you were yourself many years ago.

You made no false hopes, were very realistic in assessing the chances. What was far from average was your knowledge and the experience how information and documents are perceived - if they ‘will do’ or ‘will be good enough’. Although the procedures are described very well on the Departments web site your knowledge was far above that.

It was shocking when I received the list of necessary documents. Some of them were not compulsory according to the official web site but it showed that you knew what to do. It was a big and long lasting job to collect these documents and prepare them to ‘your’ conditions. Of course these were not your but the department's requirements. The big advantage was, that once lodged according to your specifications there were no additional questions asked and forms needed. And most importantly everything happened exactly how you foresaw it.

This was very professional.

Maybe if somebody has a ‘typical’ case he would be exactly the same happy doing it by himself. But I just do not believe such a typical case exists. You will always find ifs and whys and that is exactly where problems start. If you have bad luck you will lodge a dodgy application and make it impossible for future to correct it. This is not lik buying a TV in a shop. If you fail, you go to another store. No! This is your life, lots of time and this you do not want to do wrong.

For doing all right and the best possible way I would like to thank you, Juan! For everything that was exactly as you said and all that was extra and for free!!!

Thankfully you are one of the people who love what they do and this gives this extraordinary quality of your service.
Posted By: Michael Ginter

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