Dear Juan,

My family and I would like to thank you for everything you did to help us in obtaining our Australian permanent residency.

Looking back it doesn’t seem much, only 5 months after we have lodged the application the visa was granted. Is this a new record? We can hardly believe that we already have it, and all because of your precise counseling and guidance, you took us step by step directly into our goal, not only as an excellent professional, but also as a good friend. During all these months in which you have been working on our case, you have not only provided us with an excellent service, you have shown us that you cared for what we were trying to achieve. In each one of our long calls you were always trying to make sure that we had the best possible options, the correct information, the right papers and documents, all the smallest detail taken care of so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. Through your help you made us believe that we could finally achieve our dream, and you were right. As I said 5 months doesn’t seem much, but you know our story, perhaps you know it better than anyone because you showed us how much you care; 18 years have passed since I have first decided that I wanted to live, work and raise my children in this country, you know that I`ve been here before, as a tourist, as a student, as a sponsored employee and now as a permanent resident, you know that during those many years I’ve learned the true meaning of the word patience, the true meaning of the word frustration, disappointment, exhaustion, what bureaucracy really means and so on, I have even given the whole process up a couple of times just because it virtually seemed impossible to find the right way through, until we met you, and look were we are now, 5 months down the track, I keep on repeating it to myself over and over, only 5 months and it’s all sorted out. I can’t believe it Joan! Should I have only met you ten years ago! When I just look back and see how difficult everything seemed to be at that time! I can only say thank you over and over, thank you so much!

I hope our testimony helps you to feel proud of what you do, because we are, we are proud of ourselves and of what we have just achieved and we want to share it with you, congratulations you did a fantastic job!

We have so much to tell our daughter when she gets a little older, and she will certainly learn about you and how you helped her to become another little, joyful and playful Australian child. In her behalf we would like to thank you, thank you so much!
Posted By: Mauricio Fuentes and Mari Mar
Brazil and Spain

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